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"The West as a whole has decidedly taken Africa under its wing and has made it the perfect place for a nationwide empathy movement." -Afropunk

Press coverage FOLLOWING our Kickstarter and NYT Op Doc 

AFRICA IS A COUNTRY:  Why We Made A Film About The Images and Myths That Cast A Continent As A Victim

WASHINGTON POST:  The West Is Obsessed With 'Saving' Africa. Is That The Problem?  

COLORLINES:  New Film Probes the West’s Very Old Obsession With ‘Saving’ Africa

INDIEWIRE:  "An African's Message for America" in 6-Minute excerpt From Upcoming Documentary 'Framed'

GOOD MAGAZINE:  Africa Doesn't Need a Savior, America Does

THINK AFRICA PRESS:  Why Won't the #WhiteSaviourComplex Go Away? 

FASTCOEXIST:  A Film About Africa That Doesn't Want You To "Save" Africa

VOX.COM:  This Video Shows What Africans Think Of Westerners Trying To 'Save' Them

DEVELOPMENT INTERN:  Challenging The Western Narrative Of Africa: An Interview With The Filmmakers Behind FRAMED

GROUND UP, SOUTH AFRICA:  Framed: A Film To Explore The West's Fascination With Africa

TINY SPARK:  Questioning Our Relationship With Africa

TAKEPART.COM: Op-Ed: Why Won’t White Savior Complex Go Away?

THE CON MAG SOUTH AFRICA:  The West and ‘Saving’ Africa

WIRIKO, Artes Y Culturas Africanas Framed, otras gafas con las que mirar a África

OKAY AFRICA ‘FRAMED’ Documentary Explores The Images & Myths That Cast A Continent As A Victim

SCREEN AFRICA Documentary explores the West's fascination with "saving" Africa

AFROPUNK  Feature: Stop Victimizing Africa!  The Message Behind New Documentary 'FRAMED'

HUMANOSPHERE:  Documentary Questions Motives For Westerners 'Helping' Africa

AOL: "An African's Message for America" 

STUDIORILEY: Learning From Boniface Mwangi

INDIEWIRE:  Kickstart This: Feature Documentary 'FRAMED' Investigates the West's Fascination with "Saving Africa"

DER FREITAG: Africa Does Not Need You! 

MEDIUM: American Engagement with African Countries: No Frame, No Gain